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Heritage Hotpad



These delicate hotpads are waiting to grace your counters and table. What a beautiful piece to add to your heirlooms!
But snatch these up while you can because my Heritage Hotpads are RETIRING! What does this mean?

This means that soon my Heritage Hotpads will no longer be available through June Heritage. This was a decision I prayed over because I know how much popularity these hotpads gained when I first introduced them. The pattern for these is genuinely one of my favorites!
However, this pattern is very easily accessible to any and all fiber artists.

So while this hotpad is gorgeous and fits all that is June Heritage, I think it will now be a disservice to my growing business to continue offering these. I want to be incredibly intentional with what items I offer which means that to protect my business, I can’t have any Tom, Dick, or Harry easily recreating those items.

With that being said, this is my send-off for these lovelies! Take the opportunity to stock up for housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, Mother’s Day, etc. Orders will close at 10:00pm MST March 15, 2024.

***If you have purchased a Heritage Hotpad from me previously, please note that these are crocheted with a different yarn and will vary slightly in look and feel.

How to Care for:
• 100% cotton (can withstand high heat)
• 9″
• Loop for hanging
• For longevity, hand wash and lay flat to dry. However, you can throw these in the washing machine as well.
• Can be soaked in vinegar to help remove staining.
• If yarn is heavily pigmented, there may be color bleed. Please wash by itself first. Can be soaked in vinegar to help set color.

These are made-to-order. Once orders close on March 15, I will place a bulk yarn order. Once yarn is received, I will crochet all of the orders and ship them out. Processing and shipping will roughly be 3-4 weeks unless otherwise noted. You will receive email confirmation when your order has shipped.

(Hotpads pictured are in the colors Inlet and Swan)

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Azure, Clarity, Dewdrop, Navy, Kenai, Verdigris, Honeydew, Jade, Jalapeño, Bumblebee, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Clementine, Sunbaked, Fiesta Red, Pomegranate, Begonia, Blush, Mulberry, Mushroom, Ash, Black, Inlet, Silver, Linen, White


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