Natural Fiber Box



You love yarn, I love yarn… you love surprises, I love surprising!

Picture this: each box is a surprise package brimming with all sorts of nature’s goodies – think cozy wool, fluffy roving, soft cotton, and shiny silk ribbon, plus some other cool stuff thrown in for good measure.

With at least 100g of fiber in every box, you’ve got plenty to play with. Whether you’re a seasoned fiber-crafting pro or just starting out, this box is your go-to for all things natural fiber.

Natural fiber can get expensive (trust me, I know!). This box is perfect for getting your toes wet before diving in. Each bundle of fiber joy in your box contains at least 10g so you can get a good feel for each fiber, make a swatch, or incorporate it into that pile of WIPs (“works in progress”) in the corner. *wink!*

So, grab your needles, hooks, or looms, and let your creativity run wild with this fun Natural Fiber Box. It’s time to get crafty with nature!

But why stop there? Enhance your cozy, crafting journey with my ‘Maker’s Favorites’ add-on. This little gem is a curated selection of my personal favorites—think gourmet coffee, artisanal chocolate, and charming thrifted trinkets—guaranteed to add a touch of joy and inspiration to your day. Because why not??


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