Inspired by my cute hens, I’ve created a new collection called Chickens in the Kitchen where I’ve designed one crocheted dishcloth for each of my 10 ladies and I’ll release one dishcloth every Flock Friday – catch the series within my Flock Friday newsletters sent straight to your inbox!


About Sister, the hen
Such a sweet, kind, “under the radar” chicken. Sister used to be one of the biggest snugglers! She was always on my lap or back or head or shoulders. As she’s matured, she isn’t as cuddly but will hop on my lap every so often for a good preening. Sister loves spending approximately 20 hours laying an egg and pecks at anyone who tries to disturb her. Okay, so she’s docile except for that part. She lays beautiful, light tan eggs with the occasional ink spots and always has such dreamy yolks.

About Sister, the dishcloth
Girly, structured, quiet, and the stitches look like teeny chicken prints. 🥹 Perfect for my Sister.

• This listing is for one dishcloth and it is made-to-order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipment.
• 100% Cotton
• This cotton is a hardworking yarn with a tight spin and high absorbency making it extremely durable.
• OEKO TEX Standard 100
• 8″ x 8″
• For longevity, hand wash and lay flat to dry.
• Can be machine washed and tumble dried. Please note that there can be some misshaping or shrinkage with this method.
**Color pictured: Blush


1.) I purchase my yarn through a vendor. I try to keep all colors updated according to my vendor’s stock. If at any point a color you choose might go out of stock and I have not gotten a chance to update this listing, I will reach out to you!
2.) Colors can vary slightly.
3.) Returns and exchanges are not available.

Additional information


Azure, Clarity, Dewdrop, Navy, Kenai, Verdigris, Honeydew, Jade, Jalapeño, Bumblebee, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Clementine, Sunbaked, Fiesta Red, Pomegranate, Begonia, Blush, Mulberry, Mushroom, Ash, Black, Inlet, Silver, Linen, Swan, White


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